November 1, 2019

Syncing TDS content with Sitecore and the Field Content Does Not Match Content-Length Error

By: Craig Taylor
November 1, 2019

Syncing TDS content with Sitecore and the Field Content Does Not Match Content-Length Error
So I recently ran into an issue on a new-to-me project.  The solution was already created, the project team had moved on to other projects and I was tasked with getting a new team ready to make some enhancements. While attempting to sync my Sitecore content with my local instance, I received a TDS error stating:

TDS Content Length Error

This is a known issue when working with TDS and git and the solution to correcting this has been provided earlier by others here and here.  In summary, the solution is to update the .gitattributes file by adding a line with the following:

This works great going forward, but doesn't address the issue you already have.  As both articles mention, the solution is to delete your local TDS files and re-sync.  For my situation, this doesn't work as I don't have the items in my local instance yet and deleting the items on disk would just lose them forever.

The solve is rather manual in nature, but here is what I did:

  1. Attempt to sync TDS with Sitecore and make note of all the items that have the error.  In my example, I'm only showing a single line, but you may have many. (as I did before I took this screenshot)

    TDS Sync View
  2. Open the .item file in a text editor.
  3. Take note of the template type of the item and create a new item in Sitecore with the same type. (making sure to create the item with the same name/path as in the item file)
  4. Copy the relevant fields from the .item file and paste them into the proper fields in your new Sitecore item.  In my case, I have an "Action" template item and only care about "Type", "Parameters" and "Security" fields. (Note: You don't have to worry about every field, but you should take care to bring over the important fields to your application.  You can usually ignore fields like "_sortorder", "__owner", "__created", etc.)

    Item View
  5. Save your Sitecore item.
  6. Sync your TDS item to Sitecore from Visual Studio.

Your error is now gone and you can continue on your way.  As mentioned, this can become an extremely tedious process depending on how many items and how many fields you have on your items, but in my case, was a necessary evil. Someone smarter than me could probably develop a script of some kind to address the error on a larger scale, but I'll leave that to the aforementioned smarter people.


Deploying Sitecore Items with Git and TDS (Hans Léautaud from 2014):

Hedgehog TDS - Field Content Does Not Match Content-Length (Corey Smith from 2016):

September 10, 2019

Sitecore Roles PaaS Solr Connectivity

By: Craig Taylor
September 10, 2019

Sitecore Roles PaaS Solr Connectivity

Here's a quick one for everyone.  I recently provisioned a full Sitecore XP 9.0.1 environment in Azure PaaS.  The only exception to this is a VM that is running Solr.  I was getting a lot of errors in Application Insights about xConnect not being able to connect to the Solr server.  I suspected that I was missing a hybrid connection somewhere, but wasn't sure which role was missing it.

I couldn't find a list from Sitecore's documentation of all the roles that need to access Solr.  I know that I could look for the "ContentSearch.Solr.ServiceBaseAddress" setting to find all references to my Solr server, so I downloaded all the config files from each Sitecore role and found the one I was missing (xConnect Search).  I added the hybrid connection to the Solr server to my xConnect Search App Service and was back to running with no exceptions again!

Note: The "ContentSearch.Solr.ServiceBaseAddress" setting was removed in Sitecore 9.0.2 and is now in the "" connection string.

For reference, here are the 5 roles that should be able to communicate with Solr:

  • Content Management
  • Content Delivery
  • Processing
  • Reporting
  • xConnect Search

April 12, 2019

Limit TreelistEx Selections to X Number of Items

By: Craig Taylor
April 12, 2019

Sitecore Item Limit

I recently had a requirement to limit the content author's ability to select items.  In this case, they were only allowed to select two items.  I love using "TreeListEx" and therefore selected that field type.  I knew that I could set validation on fields and went about looking for the built-in validator that would limit the number of selections. . . I didn't find it.

While I was surprised to not find this validator, I thought that surely, someone else smarter than me had mentioned it on the interwebs; I was not disappointed.  A quick search yielded a StackOverflow post about it that cited a blog post.  In summary, apply a Regex value to the "Validation" field of your field. (Add a helpful "ValidationText" message while you're at it.)

I dutifully copied and pasted the Regex expression into my field and was a little surprised to see an error message while testing the validator:

Sitecore Validation Error

Well, that didn't go as expected.  After a bit of Internet sleuthing on the error, I found that there might be a character (or "characters") in the string that needs to be escaped.  I simply changed "^({[^}]+}|?){0,2}$" to "^(\{[^}]+\}|\?){0,2}$" (included the escaping 'backslashes' before the curly brackets and question mark) and was on my way!

Sitecore Validation Working

Update: And of course as I'm finalizing the research for this post, I see that Ben *actually* did solve this and it can be seen in the screenshot he included, but the Regex text in his post didn't include the escape characters