August 1, 2013

Creating a GeoIP Lookup Provider for Sitecore using MaxMind’s GeoLiteCity Database

By: Craig Taylor
August 1, 2013

GeoIP lookup provider in Sitecore
Sitecore ships with a built-in GeoIP lookup provider that is configured to use MaxMind’s lookup service. This service is provided for free with a “number of free lookups for testing and implementation convenience” (Engagement Analytics 6.6 Configuration Reference) This service works great, but what happens when your ‘number of free’ lookups expires?

GeoIP Options

When your free intro period expires, you essentially have two options if you want to continue to perform GeoIP lookups.
  1. Migrate to the MaxMind-Sitecore integrated service. ( 
  2. Write your own, custom lookup provider.
While the MaxMind-Sitecore integrated service is amazingly simple to implement and run, I wanted to see what else could be used.  

The provider is essentially a ‘black box’ to Sitecore.  It doesn’t matter if it uses a web service, a local database or even a local file to return data lookups.  I decided to try to integrate with a local version of the GeoLiteCity database that is available for free download and use from MaxMind. (

Creating a new Lookup Provider

Creating a new provider is as simple as creating a class that overrides the “GetInformationByIp” method.  
All we need to do is map the path to the database:

string geoLitePath = Settings.GetSetting(ModuleName + ".DatabaseLocation.GeoLiteCity", "~/app_data/GeoLiteCity.dat");

Pass the IP address to the look up service:

var lookUpService = new LookupService(HostingEnvironment.MapPath(geoLitePath), LookupService.GEOIP_STANDARD);

var location = lookUpService.getLocation(ip);

and populate the “WhoIsInformation” object so that Sitecore can use it:

WhoIsInformation information = new WhoIsInformation();
if (location != null)
    information.Country = location.countryCode ?? string.Empty;
    information.Region = location.regionName ?? string.Empty;

return information;

Update the Config

After you have created your new provider, update the “Sitecore/lookupManager/Providers” node in the web.config to include a reference to it.  It’s best to do this through a patch include file.


And that’s it!  Sitecore makes it easy to change your GeoIP provider to anything else you may want to use. 
You can find complete source code and everything necessary to run this solution in the Sitecore Marketplace.